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RFID Inventory Management & Audit Software for Industrial Environments

See the contents of your warehouse with the press of a button.

With RFID inventory management software you can remotely audit an entire warehouse or area with the press of a button. Whether you have to perform a factory wide inventory count or just need to know what you have in a supply room, RFID inventory management software can quickly be set to handle the task.

You can easily maintain a central database for all your inventory. Every time an item is received, moved, shipped or used, an RFID reader can read the RFID tag on each item to capture the details. Then, you can readily access this information in real-time or in batch, depending on what works best for your operation.

RFID inventory management software can be used in industries such as warehousing, manufacturing, healthcare, retail, and more.

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With RFID software you can perform many tasks including:rfid inventory management software

  • Track inventory in any size warehouse.
  • Cycle count an entire area in seconds.
  • Pinpoint items located in the wrong area.
  • Set up an RFID system without programming.
  • Capture tag ID, antenna name, reader name, signal strength, and date/time.
  • Stream tag info to databases, Excel, or tab-delimited text files.
  • Integrate any captured RFID scans with your pre-existing asset and inventory systems.

RFID inventory management software is compatible with a broad range of readers, printers, and tags.

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