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Location Engines: The Brain Power Behind Your RTLS

Although location hardware is the backbone of a location system, RTLS software and location engines are the brainpower that makes it work. Through data platforms and software, organizations can start to visualize and interpret the information gathered by tags and readers. RTLS software can range from firmware (software that resides on the data collection device) or something as complex as a location engine. While the software will generate raw location data, a location engine brings an added level of intelligence and insight into location systems. Location Engine

Get More Value Out of Your RTLS with a Location Engine

Unlike basic RTLS software, an engine analyzes data such as dwell times, productivity levels, material usage, and inventory management to generate actionable insights through reports. In addition to reports, engines can produce visual maps for motion tracking, route optimization, and analysis of environmental factors for assets that can be sensitive to certain conditions. Location engines then integrate this data with applications used by front-line workers and managers. These applications and programs are used to improve all facets of operations, including:

  • Transportation routes
  • Order fulfillment
  • Shipping
  • Inventory management
  • Workforce communication

Additionally, location engines can develop prescriptive analytics to create accurate forecast models. These models can then help organizations better allocate resources and coordinate the acquisition of materials and supplies to meet demand.

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