Tag It to Track It

rfid specialty lablesIn order to track anything, that item (or person) needs to have some kind of RFID supplies on it. Tracking supplies can consist of labels, tags, cage cards, ID badges, or wristbands. These supplies can provide information through radio waves at various frequencies. RFID technology can be passive (waiting to be read as it passes through a reader) or it can be actively transmitting data.

Basics of RFID Supplies

Any label, tag, card, or wristband with an RFID chip inside consists of an integrated circuit (IC) attached to an antenna – typically a small coil of wires – plus some protective packaging (like a plastic card) as determined by the application requirements. These tags are also called transponders or inlays.

RFID tags can be passive or active. Passive means there is no battery and the supplies are activated by the reader. Conversely, active tags are self-powered by a battery.

Tags can also be either read-only, read/write, or a combination. Read-only tags store data but that data can not be changed. Read/write tags store data that can be altered or rewritten. On a combination, some data is permanently stored while other memory is left accessible for later encoding and updates.

Benefits of RFID Supplies

RFID supplies and systems have many benefits and advantages. These benefits include:

  • Enhanced process efficiencies.
  • Solves difficult logistical tracking of inventory and equipment.
  • Work efficiently even in harsh environments with excessive dirt, dust, moisture, and extreme temperatures.
  • Simultaneous multiple read capability – rapid data acquisition.
  • Reduce operation costs – increases revenue.

Is RFID For You?

There are so many options when it comes to RFID hardware, and it can be overwhelming if you’re considering implementing an RFID system. But, don’t worry. Our RFID specialists and solutions architects can work with you to identify your specific needs and figure out the best hardware, software, and supplies combination to best fit your needs.

Contact us to speak with an RFID specialist today!

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