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Cage Cards for Cage Census

vivarium census system vcsCage cards are a critical component of any cage census system. With durable and cost-effective cage cards, we offer the best in class standard and custom cards for your animal facility. Learn more about our life sciences solutions.

Cage cards help research facilities identify animals and studies. Each one can have information printed on it such as animal type, animal age, study, principal investigator, species, strain, protocol number, and more. You can also print images, barcodes, or QR codes on each cage card.

To make these cage cards RFID enabled, an inlay can be placed on the back of each cage card. The main benefit of making cage cards RFID ready is the speed at which users will be able to collect data. All the user has to do is point a reader at the cages and they will be collecting all data in a matter of seconds. One thing to keep in mind is that RFID works best when it’s not in contact with metal. If you have metal card holders there will be some challenges with RFID, however, RFIDPros can find workarounds to make it work.

Cage Card Options

There are many options when it comes to cage cards. RFIDPros can customize a solution based on your facility’s individual needs.cage cards

  • Card material can be either paper or synthetic materials to suit the needs of a harsh laboratory environment.
  • There are many color options available. We understand that sometimes color coding for different study or animal types might be most effective for your facility.
  • Sizes of can vary if need be. Generally, we recommend sticking with a 3x5in card which is extremely compatible with a range of 6in printers.

Vivarium Census System

Since cage cards are an essential part of a census system, they also play a large role in our VCS software. Learn more about VCS and how it can help your research facility. 

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