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We’ll do the Work for You

RFIDPros is excited to have the opportunity to implement RFID solutions for our customers. Before starting the implementation process, we will create a statement of work to map out exactly what the project entails.

Statement of Work

The statement of work is a document that will map out our plan for implementation. The document will describe the purpose of the project along with information about the solution. Solution information includes both the hardware and software portions of the solution. There will be a scope of work which will describe the new process(es) after RFID.

The next part of the Statement of work will include RFIDPro’s project plan. This section will describe exactly what we’re responsible for and what you’re responsible for. There will also be a list of deliverables you’ll receive along the way as well as a schedule so you’ll know exactly when the project is expected to be complete.

The statement of work is really the first step when it comes to implementing an RFID solution since it maps out exactly what will happen.

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