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Determine if RFID Will Work for You

Before you begin implementing a new RFID system, we want to make sure RFID is a viable solution for you. Since RFID does not work in all environments, our service engineers can complete a site survey to determine if an RFID system is right for your facility.

What is a Site Survey?

You may have heard of a wireless site survey – which identifies factors in facilities that may have an effect on wireless coverage. An RFID site survey is similar to a wireless site survey. We are essentially studying your facility and seeing where and how RFID can fit.

The process starts out by having an initial meeting. During that meeting, we will learn about your current processes and figure out what you’re trying to streamline or improve. One of our service engineers will then come on-site, walk with you through your processes, and evaluate your environment. They will then test different labels and tags to figure out which ones will work best with the products you’re trying to tag. For example, you’ll need a different tag if you’re tracking a cardboard box than if you’re tracking metal containers.

Once the site survey is complete, you will receive site survey documentation. This documentation will include the following information:

  • Facility information
  • Summary of the project purpose
  • A description of what happened during the on-site visit
  • Description of the business processes
  • Proposed RFID solution
  • Required equipment for the proposed solution
  • Current flow diagram
  • Reader installation locations

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