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Working RFID Into Your Existing IT

If you are thinking about implementing an RFID solution and you’re anything like our previous clients, then there’s a great chance that you’re trying to figure out how to integrate the data that RFID has to offer into your current and/or existing system.

Data integration is one of the core components of a successful RFID solution, and while it might not come to you in the form of an actual component or part, the software and it’s capabilities are what make RFID technology so valuable.

Think of an RFID solution in this way, you have your RFID tags or labels and those are being read by the handheld or fixed-mounted RFID reader. The data that is being read from the tags is often aggregated by the RFID software, but without integrating that into your current software or system, it’s actually rather useless.

Our experienced engineers are masters at knowing how to take the gathered data from the RFID tags and import it into your existing software where you can leverage the information in the ways that are most useful for your business or workflow.

RFID Pros’ solutions range from simple stand-alone applications to fully integrated deployments. Using Windows Services, open API interfaces and other mechanisms our RFID platforms can integrate with numerous ERP, WMS, and POS systems.  Our design team will work closely with your IT and software support personnel to provide seamless integration of the RFID data into your existing software.

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