Intelligent Edge Solutions

Obtain Unparrelled Visibility Across Your Organization with Intelligent Edge Solutions

Intelligent Edge Solutions use location data to provide enhanced visibility across the enterprise. These solutions combine advanced data collection technologies with Zebra’s real-time location engine, Savannah. In turn, the Savannah engine integrates with intelligent edge applications that provide actionable insights throughout your operation. Unlike standard RFID solutions, intelligent location solutions go beyond data collection to provide recommendations that help businesses optimize and improve their efficiency. Furthermore, through these location solutions, you connect and analyze the assets, data, people, and workflows that make up your organization.

Optimization For Every Industry

Location solutions serve all types of organizations. In fact, even the NFL uses the very same technology for real-time player tracking and next-gen statistics. From retail, manufacturing, and logistics, advanced location solutions have delivered impressive results:

  • 95% inventory visibility for retailers
  • 20% boost in productivity for manufacturers
  • $150 billion saved a year for logistics companies

Even though we are surrounded by data, it is challenging to make sense of it all. As a result of intelligent location solutions, organizations can leverage prescriptive analytics to cut costs, increase output, and find their next big breakthrough.

Working With a Zebra Solutions Specialist

RMS Omega is one of only a few RFID Advanced Specialists, authorized to implement and support Zebra Technologies Intelligent Edge Solutions. Our team is certified and trained to implement MotionWorks RTLS applications for Warehousing, Yard Management, Asset & Materials Tracking in addition to other intelligent-edge applications. Contact our team of solutions experts for more information. 

Learn more about Intelligent Edge Solutions

  • Zebra VisibilityIQ

    Zebra VisibilityIQ illuminates the performance of your Zebra devices and provides insight on how you can increase productivity and reduce costs. Visibility IQ both maximizes your IT investment as well as the daily productivity of your workforce.

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  • Zebra SmartPack

    Powered by the Zebra Savannah location engine, SmartPack uses sensors, monitoring units, and location tracking technologies to provide analytics on every dock, container, and trailer.

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  • Zebra Prescriptive Analytics

    Zebra Prescriptive Analytics utilizes machine learning and artificial intelligence to generate actionable insights that help businesses become more productive. In the long run, Prescriptive Analytics produces smarter supply chains by optimizing the everyday tasks of front line workers.

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  • Zebra MotionWorks

    MotionWorks tracks all the assets, goods, and people critical to your enterprise. More importantly, it provides actionable insights gathered from quantifiable data. This gives you the ability to become more nimble, more responsive, more accurate, and more productive.

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  • MotionWorks Proximity

    Contact tracing solutions like MotionWorks Proximity allow employers to meet industry compliance while protecting their workforce. Furthermore, contact tracing provides enhanced visibility over employees, allowing companies to confidently and proactively respond in the event of a documented illness.

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