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Reduce Delays by 80% and Optimize Your Enterprise with Zebra MotionWorks

MotionWorks Location Solutions enables enterprises with complete visibility of critical assets, people, and goods through real-time data. With this in mind, organizations can gather quantifiable data that surrounds the critical aspects of their daily operations. Since it is powered by the Zebra Savannah location engine, MotionWorks can generate actionable insights that streamline workflows, boost efficiency, lower operating costs, reduce delays, and improve utilization of assets. In fact, MotionWorks has helped organizations reduce delays caused by missing equipment by 80% and improve equipment utilization by 20%. Above all, MotionWorks is used globally by aerospace, automotive, retail, logistics, and manufacturing organizations to drive smarter business decisions. Altogether this intelligent edge solution leverages real-time location technology to provide the following benefits:

Zebra MotionWorks
  • Increased visibility and control across the enterprise
  • Information on the location and condition of critical assets
  • Automated tracking of finished goods and materials used in production
  • Actionable insights that help you reduce waste and optimize
  • Improved workflows for plant operations
  • Faster turnaround times for customers
  • The ability to enforce safety and compliance measures

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Take All Areas of Your Organization to New Heights

Zebra MotionWorks utilizes location technology for asset, material, yard, and warehouse management. As a result, MotionWorks brings added visibility, insight, and opportunities for optimization across all areas of the enterprise.

MotionWorks Asset

In addition to tracking critical people and items, MotionWorks Asset provides valuable data about the health and status of assets. Because organizations know the precise status and location of assets, they can make dynamic routing decisions that optimize their distribution. MotionWorks Asset can also be used to track vehicles, tools, and equipment, helping enterprises execute better delivery services and more efficient production. In addition to having up-to-the-second data, MotionWorks Asset provides:

MotionWorks Asset
  • Reduced cost of physical asset loss
  • Increased productivity through reducing manual processes
  • Automated visibility to improve workflows
  • Decreased downtime

MotionWorks Material

With MotionWorks Material, supply chains run smoother than ever. Due to real-time location data, this solution automates material flows and initiates replenishment triggers while integrating with ERP. The solution also provides real-time information about the plant floor and compares performance against historical data. In turn, supervisors can confidently manage their output and shift resources where they are needed. Furthermore, businesses can ensure reliable and consistent deliveries for their customers. By optimizing logistics with MotionWorks Material organizations can:

  • Avoid part shortages and supply chain disruptions
  • Reduce costs from excess inventory
  • Eliminate wasted time and materials
  • Execute just-in-time delivery

MotionWorks Yard

Yard management consists of keeping on top of a continuous flow of vehicles, materials, goods, schedules, and equipment. Consequently, organizations need an intelligent application like MotionWorks Yard that manages it all in real-time. With insights and prescriptive analytics from MotionWorks, yard managers can optimize space and turnaround times, increase throughput, and lower costs. This allows yard managers to synchronize staff, systems, and shipments while optimizing their overall operations. Other benefits of MotionWorks Yard include:

  • Automated trailer movements through real-time data
  • Maximized throughput and gate transactions without increasing space
  • Lower operation, fuel, and maintenance costsZebra MotionWorks Warehouse

MotionWorks Warehouse

MotionWorks Warehouse tracks large volumes of goods and assets within the four walls. More importantly, it tracks operations in real-time and integrates with existing WMS. As a result, warehouse managers can draw upon intelligent insights in order to streamline their processes while increasing worker productivity and order fulfillment. Furthermore, Zebra’s intelligent warehouse solution automates manual processes and eliminates loss of goods or mis-shipments that can result from human error. Ultimately, MotionWorks Warehouse helps businesses:

  • Improve labor performance with directed workflows
  • Create audit trails for security and quality control
  • Strengthen process over time with operational intelligence

Interested in MotionWorks? Make Sure You Work with a Certified Zebra Solutions Partner

Ultimately, it is critical to have a partner who understands how to implement this technology so it yields the best results for your business and maximizes your investment. Regardless of your industry or application, RMS Omega leverages years of expertise and a premier partnership with Zebra to design solutions that solve your specific pain-points.  With RMS Omega you will work with a team of certified Zebra solutions experts who will take the time to understand your organization’s challenges and offer continued guidance and assistance through solution design, implementation, training, and ongoing support after deployment.

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Amazing Visibility for Actionable Insights

  • location solutions - asset tracking

    MotionWorks™ Asset

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    Reducing Downtime & Manual Processes

    MotionWorks Asset location solutions provide automated tracking of every important tool or asset across your entire enterprise. Knowing where they are, where to get one, or to find and recall hidden ones greatly reduces the downtime spent looking for missing or misplaced assets.

    Improving Workflows

    MotionWorks provides you with the most detailed information about the location, condition and state of your enterprise resources. And having accurate data on your assets gives you the ability to make better purchasing and maintenance decisions based on actual usage tracking.

    Saving Time & Money

    Automated asset tracking saves time and money, and makes for more efficient operations by ensuring assets are available when and where they are needed and in a condition to be used. And this visibility helps reduce the costs of physical asset loss.

  • digitized supply chain

    MotionWorks Warehouse

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    Complete Asset Visibility Across Operations

    MotionWorks Warehouse provides visibility to critical assets and whether they are stationary or in motion. It gives you a complete picture of your operations to streamline workflows, increase worker productivity, and make your operations more effective and predictable.

    Automating Processes to Make Workers More Efficient

    Designed to easily integrate into existing enterprise systems, MotionWorks Warehouse asset locating can automate numerous processes according to your needs including:

    • Workflow Optimization – Direct workers with automated instructions for increased efficiencies.
    • Shipping Accuracy – Validate shipments against electronic manifests for greater accuracy.
    • Finished Goods Tracking – Goods are scanned into the system then automatically sent to workers with delivery instructions, increasing workflow efficiencies, and ensuring all goods are sent to the right place.
  • Mtionworks Yard Management Location Technology

    MotionWorks Yard

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    Manage All Important Assets With Real-time Insights

    Use accurate real-time data about yard resources, combined with flexible business rules, to keep equipment and product moving through your yard.

    Save Time and Money

    Intelligent trailer move assignments and path optimization cut costs by reducing switcher deadhead time, resulting in more trailer moves per hour and a reduction in fuel and maintenance expenses. Automatic door assignments help keep doors occupied, resulting in less downtime. Automating processes to maximize yard real estate ensures you make the best possible use of every parking space and dock door in your yard.

    Visibility That Increases Throughput

    Visibility to all things critical to your operation delivers deep insights to manage your yards more efficiently. Use actionable insights to optimize operations, fine-tune yard processes and sync your staff, systems and shipments. This gives you new operational insights into your trailer inventory management and process controls. To deliver on time, every time.

  • zebra motionworks materials management

    MotionWorks Material

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    Greatly Improves Efficiencies

    MotionWorks Material eliminates disjointed, labor-intensive processes. It provides material handlers and other members of the supply chain access to actionable, real-time demand from the factory floor. With this immediate visibility, the workforce can focus on delivering the necessary parts without unnecessary movement.

    Improvements Through Integration

    Seamless integration with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and other plant floor systems enhances operational efficiency by using the information stored in the ERP system’s master data repository to automate the maintenance of the replenishment system.

    Flexibility to Meet Your Needs

    With the ability to take replenishment triggers from multiple sources, including hardware, software, or other system inputs, our solution gives you the right options to fit your organization’s unique requirements.