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Optimize Your Organization with Prescriptive Analytics

Zebra Prescriptive Analytics utilizes machine learning and artificial intelligence to generate actionable insights that help businesses become more productive. The intelligent edge solution works with the Zebra Savanna location engine and analyzes data in real-time throughout the enterprise. In turn, the solution empowers workforces with the correct course of action for improving profits and boosting efficiency. The solution is based on sending simple, prescriptive actions to front line workers instead of analytics reports that need to be analyzed. In the long run, Prescriptive Analytics produces smarter supply chains by optimizing the everyday tasks of front line workers. Altogether, the solution delivers positive impacts for:

  • Revenue
  • Employee productivity
  • Enterprise efficiency
  • Compliance
  • Shrink reduction
  • Inventory accuracy

Make an Immediate Impact to Your Front Line prescriptive analytic workflow

In contrast to other solutions, Prescriptive Analytics delivers an immediate impact on the front line of your business. In fact, many users see an increase in sales, customer experience, or employee productivity in six months. More importantly, the solution integrates with existing Zebra devices and can be quickly deployed.

Features of Zebra’s Intelligent Edge Solution include:

Fewer Reports -Unlike report based analytic systems, Prescriptive Analytics interprets business data and delegates smart tasks to employees.

Plain-Text Directives – Simple and intuitive directives for improving business operations.

All Services Included – Unlimited user experience with training, advising, and support services.

Live Within Days – Fast deployment with little to no IT investment

Use Cases for Prescriptive Analytics

Data surrounds all areas of your organization. Consequently, Prescriptive Analytics has a wide range of use cases for optimizing enterprise performance.  As a result, frontline workers are equipped with directions that improve all sorts of enterprise metrics. Real-time corrective actions empower edge workers in retail, warehousing, and logistics in addition to influencing the following areas of the enterprise: Zebra prescriptive analytics

Sales – greater visibility over POS sales as well as fraud

Inventory – greater inventory accuracy and forecasts of inventory shrink

Mobile Field Application – monitor task performance throughout different facilities in addition to viewing real-time customer feedback

Logistics – Reduce the time goods spend in transit and improve receiving accuracy

DC Operations – Detect and correct non-compliance as well as areas for improvement

Planning and Buying – Analyze demand patterns of SKUs and maintain appropriate stock levels

Marketing – leverage customer data to improve experiences and loyalty

Omnichannel – Analyze the impact of online orders, shipments, and returns across the enterprise

Implementing the Intelligent Edge

With RFID Pros, a division of RMS Omega, you will work with a team of certified Zebra solutions experts who will take the time to understand your organization’s challenges and offer continued guidance and assistance through solution design, implementation, training, and ongoing support after deployment. Our goal is to help businesses achieve better outcomes by strategically implementing RFID and location technology. If you are looking to optimize your retail and supply chain operations with real-time data and prescriptive analytics, contact RMS Omega- your one point of contact for design, implementation, and support for Zebra intelligent edge solutions.

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