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With Zebra SmartPack Your Logistics Team Works Smarter, Not Harder

Zebra SmartPack provides transportation and logistics personnel with real-time visibility and insights that optimize shipping and load planning operations. The SmartPack solution consists of sensors that collect real-time data and an analytics engine for generating actionable insights. As a result of being able to view, interpret, and react in real-time, organizations can streamline workflows and increase efficiency. Furthermore, the analytics provided by SmartPack™ increase shipping quality, worker safety, and profitability while eliminating bottleneck and operational costs.

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SmartPack allows logistics managers to see their loading operations from a new perspective. Whether it’s shipping containers or truck trailers, SmartPack collects advanced data on each shipment that runs through the SmartPack Analytics Engine. In turn, logistics managers can monitor the performance of each shipment and find areas for improvement through one easy-to-use dashboard.

Capturing Data with Zebra SmartPack

Powered by the Zebra Savannah location engine, SmartPack uses sensors, monitoring units, and location tracking technologies to provide analytics on every dock, container, and trailer. These advanced analytics provide insight into metrics such as:

  • Load density
  • Trailer and container fullness
  • Load quality
  • Wall-by-wall build profiles

More importantly, these metrics help transportation and logistics companies achieve a variety of benefits.

Zebra SmartPack

Benefits of Optimizing Logistics with Analytics

Having real-time visibility into logistics operations is invaluable. In an industry where things can change at a moment’s notice, SmartPack allows managers to make smarter on-the-spot decisions that are backed by data. Intelligent Edge solutions by Zebra Technologies leverages both real-time and historical data that surround your assets and generates actionable insights. In turn, these insights can result in:

  • Identifying gaps, inefficiencies, and underutilized resources
  • Improving processes and worker performance
  • Reduced operations costs
  • Reduced worker turnover
  • Closed productivity gaps
  • Reduced damaged or lost shipments
  • Process more packages at a faster rate

Looking to Optimize Your Shipping Operations?

With RFID Pros, a division of RMS Omega, you will work with a team of certified Zebra solutions experts who will take the time to understand your organization’s challenges and offer continued guidance and assistance through solution design, implementation, training, and ongoing support after deployment. Our goal is to help businesses achieve better outcomes by strategically implementing RFID and location technology. If you are looking to optimize your logistics operations with real-time data and advanced analytics, contact RMS Omega- your one point of contact for design, implementation, and support for Zebra intelligent edge solutions.

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Zebra SmartPack

  • SmartPack Trailer

    Download the Datasheet

    Imagine if you could see into every trailer on your loading docks at the same time, in real time. You would instantly know how to maximize cargo space to cut fuel consumption, minimize bottlenecks to speed up work and improve performance to enhance job satisfaction and safety. Now, you can get that visionary visibility with Zebra’s SmartPack™ Trailer – a landmark load planning solution providing transportation and logistics customers with real-time operational visibility into their loading operations.

  • SmartPack Container

    Download the Datasheet

    SmartPack Container combines the power of 3D sensors with RGB imaging technology and analytics to deliver unmatched visibility in real-time. With this trifecta, you can simultaneously monitor your loading, capture live images on a centralized dashboard, and improve every aspect of your operations – from load efficiency and quality to workflows and safety.