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Choosing the Right Scanning Technology for the Right Applications

Barcode technology is invaluable in your healthcare facility from positive patient identification to verifying test and treatment procedures and keeping track of essential medical equipment. The black bars and white spaces of the code represent patient or item data that can be decoded when scanned and processed.  Barcodes are printed on patient wristbands, staff ID badges, specimen vials, equipment and consumable supplies. They are available in different sizes and different symbologies with various alphanumeric configurations.

Healthcare scanners and imagers read the barcodes and transmit the data to computers for processing and decoding. You scanners will have to be configured to be able to read your barcodes taking into account:

  • The particular symbology you use
  • Size of barcode
  • Any customization of barcodes
  • Whether the barcode label, tag or wristband is made of paper, plastic or polyester
  • Impact of wax, resin or combination ribbon used in thermal transfer printing

Scanners are available in corded or wireless models, some with narrow-band radio capacity. They can even be graded according to durability in harsh environments, exposure to chemicals or frequency of being dropped. It takes a very specialized knowledge of the hardware, barcode symbology and the label and ribbon media to make a successful choice of a barcode scanner.

At RMS Omega, our team of specialists can make sure you have all the information and advice necessary to decide on the most effective and cost efficient barcode scanner. Our team of professionals draw on more than 20 years of corporate experience to review your operations in detail, including the barcode symbology, label size and ribbon material. We can lay out the pros and cons of various products in order to recommend the best match possible between hardware and label. You can make a decision, confident you will be installing a successful technology.

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