Complete Healthcare Technology Solutions

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RMS Omega works with healthcare organizations to design, deploy, manage and service point of care technology systems. From the admissions desk, to the patient bedside and on to the laboratory and pharmacy, RMS Omega offers healthcare solutions that provide accurate patient identification, increase efficiency in the prescription process and improve bedside specimen collection.

RMS Omega has an experienced and knowledgeable healthcare technology staff that can consult with healthcare providers to recommend the appropriate solutions. Our offerings can be implemented in many areas of healthcare, learn more and select a category below!

  • Blood & IV Bag Identification

    RMS Omega's specialists are available to review your operations and advise you on the best technology to use for blood and IV bag identification solutions.

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  • Facility Maintenance

    Maintenance plays a major role in keeping the hospital or clinic facility running in an orderly fashion.

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  • Food Service Management

    Use software applications in the hospital for food service management, hospital cafeteria operations, diet office and hospital patient menus, hospital room service and tray tracking, paperless menus, mobile menus, clinical nutritional care, food allergy checking, automated menu checking, food-drug interaction prevention, nutrition screening and assessment, and much more.

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  • Inventory & Asset Tracking

    If you manage a healthcare facility, you certainly understand the need for being able to track all your assets, whether equipment, furnishings or consumables. Our RMS Omega specialists also recognize how inadequate tracking systems can adversely affect patient care both immediately and in the long term.

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  • Patient & Infant RFID – RestEasy RFID

    Use a combination barcode (1D and or 2D), UHF RFID technologies and human-readable text for positive patient identification. With RFID technology, nurses can quickly scan and identify patients without disturbing them including infants in the NICU without having to un-swaddle or wake them. Wristbands are soft and comfortable, even for babies, featuring adjustable adhesive closures to fit even the smallest of patients.

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  • Pharmacy

    Medications are scanned to immediately verify and record medication dispensing, as well as check the NDC number against the prescription order to ensure the correct medication in the correct dosage is administered to the correct patient.

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  • Phlebotomy

    Barcode technology, handheld computers and wireless printers eliminate any guesswork in the phlebotomists’ job.

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  • Positive Patient ID – Wristband with Barcode

    Healthcare administrators everywhere understand that positive patient identification is absolutely essential for safe patient care. Whether you operate an ambulatory clinic, a primary care hospital or a nursing home, you are always searching for ways to eliminate medical errors, many of which happen because the service is being delivered to the wrong patient.

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  • RFID

    Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology is an ideal data capture and sharing system in healthcare settings. If you manage a hospital, clinic or nursing home, you are all too aware of the challenges of providing excellent care, while ensuring patient safety and being compliant with all the industry standards.

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  • Specimen Tracking System

    The entire histology process in your healthcare facility from taking specimens to processing them and recording the results is an essential part of patient care.

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  • Voice Communication in Healthcare

    Effective communication is a keystone of efficient medical practices. Whether you work in an acute health hospital, a long term care facility or a large community clinic, you recognize that nurses and other healthcare professionals need to be continually sending and receiving information pertinent to patient care.

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  • Wristbands – Printing & Labeling

    Labels, wristbands and ribbons are critical components to the system, depending on the industry. Our specialists draw on more than 17 years of corporate experience to advise on products that are consistently readable and scannable throughout all of your particular operations.

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