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Robocom is a supply chain execution software company with product offerings that include Warehouse Management, Transportation Management, Voice Picking, Labor Management, Enterprise Transportation for TL and LTL businesses and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for distributors.

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RMS Omega is a Robocom preferred hardware partner.

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  • Warehouse Management Systems (R-WMS)

    R-WMS is an automated system providing comprehensive control over all aspects of warehouse activity. It is designed to maximize productivity and streamline warehouse and distribution operations. R-WMS offers an easy and effective method of monitoring the flow of material in and out of your warehouse, as well as tracking current stock.  It provides flexibility by adapting to the unique characteristics of your warehouse and your products.

    With Robocom’s Warehouse Management System (WMS), you can enhance warehouse profitability and inventory management by decreasing inventory levels, improving order fulfillment, reducing order cycle time, and improving productivity.

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  • Labor Management System (R-Labor)

    R-Labor is Robocom’s state-of-the-art Labor Management System that helps distribution companies control labor costs by managing labor utilization and boosting productivity.  R-Labor uses modern engineering techniques to set time standards based on distance, time and other factors, in such a way that a “target” time can be calculated for individual work sets and an employee’s performance can be assessed against the target time.  Implementation options include the use of Engineered Labor Standards or Robocom’s Benchmark Standards.

    • Perform labor planning and forecasting tasks
    • Edit work assignments and insert manual and automatic breaks
    • Monitor employee performance in real time
    • Define system configurations and file settings by warehouse
    • Conduct analysis of actual employee performance to target performance
    • Identify and correct employee performance issues promptly
    • Evaluate work and performance by employee, job area, supervisor, shift, warehouse and more
    • Input adjustments for time and work allocations
    • View future, active and completed work by job area in cases and hours

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  • Voice Picking System (R-Voice)

    R-Voice is Robocom’s hands-free voice picking application that allows for faster, more accurate full and open case picking. In addition to productivity gains, R-Voice enables a safer work environment as warehouse operators are able to work in a ‘heads-up, hands-free’ manner. R-Voice improves productivity and worker safety.

    There are four main components to R-Voice:

    • Hardware – a wireless terminal is worn by the user, usually in a belt pack, with a headset and boom microphone attached to the terminal.  There are a variety of hardware configurations available to fit your warehouse needs.
    • Voice Speaker – software “speaks” commands and instructions to the user via the headset.  This ability to speak commands and access data through a voice that is easy to understand is the key to eliminating paper pick lists or wireless RF terminals, providing a hands free solution to allow the employee to perform the work required.
    • Voice recognition – a separate part of the voice picking application “listens” to the user’s voice as he or she confirms data.  The user normally reads a check digit from a location or pallet to confirm he has found the correct item, then confirms the quantity being picked.  A variety of commands are used for adjustments or other problems that may occur.
    • Voice server – the main application that coordinates work with the WMS and handles efficient interaction with the voice terminals.

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  • Transportation Management Systems (R-TMS)

    R-TMS and Centerline are Robocom’s Transportation Management Solutions. R-TMS is designed to address the transportation management needs of distributors and third party logistics organizations. Centerline is full scale enterprise transportation management software designed for Less-Than-Load (LTL) and Truck Load (TL) businesses.

    R-TMS is a separate module from Robocom’s WMS products and can be used in combination with any of Robocom’s supply chain management solutions.

    R-TMS includes the following features:

    • Freight Rating – R-TMS includes LTL and Full Load rate tables for least cost carrier selection. Download freight rate tables from your carriers or enter the rates yourself. R-TMS Freight Rating will handle any LTL or Full Load Carrier`s rates, no matter how complex the rate structure.
    • Freight Bill Audit – Enter carrier freight bills or load them into the system from EDI invoices, then let R-TMS compare actual invoices with rates calculated before the shipment was made. Run freight bill audit reports and deal with the exceptions, then process the carrier’s invoice for payment. Avoid duplicate billing for the same shipment and expensive extra charges.
    • R-TMS Mobile – Asset-based shippers gain complete control over their fleet with R-TMS Mobile, using cellular powered equipment to track the location of each driver, capture proof-of-delivery data and provide the dispatcher with the ability to insert pick-up stops into delivery runs. A Dispatcher function provides an on-screen map showing the current location of each unit and adds a process to build or review outbound loads as well as track deliveries in process.

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  • Enterprise Resource Planning System (Next Generation)

    Next Generation is Robocom’s distribution software designed specifically to meet the needs of wholesalers and distributors. Core modules of the fully integrated solution include Sales Order Management, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Inventory, Demand Planning & Purchasing Management and Financials Management.

    With comprehensive functionality, Next Generation distribution software will help take your supply chain and fulfillment operations to a new level by:

    • Capturing orders from any source -> expanded customer reach
    • Processing orders to meet and exceed customer expectations -> enhanced customer service
    • Alerting staff to problems in the supply chain –> timely handling of exceptions
    • Managing space and the flow of items efficiently -> streamlined operations
    • Moving information accurately and in real-time –> respond accurately
    • Bridging the supply and demand gap -> optimized replenishment levels
    • Maintaining accurate levels of available inventory –> minimize inventory costs
    • Delivering the right product the first time, on time -> superior fulfillment accuracy
    • Integrating financial processing seamlessly -> simplified accounting processes
    • Utilizing real-time data presented in concise formats -> manage the business proactively

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