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RFID Partners

Our network of RFID partners allows us to deliver end-to-end solutions backed by leading hardware, tags, software, support services, and expertise.

Our Network of RFID Partners

RMS Omega RFID Pros Specialists

Collaboration is the key to empowering businesses with effective data collection technology solutions. We believe that the right way to unlock these solutions is by integrating with a network of RFID partners – to turn edge technologies into valuable, data-driven solutions that help businesses achieve operational efficiency and visibility.

When you work with RMS Omega you work with a dedicated technology partner with 20+ years of RFID integration expertise and premier-level partnerships with leading manufacturers.


RFID software is the brains of your RFID infrastructure. This is where the information collected from RFID readers is viewed, managed, analyzed, and exchanged, closing the loop for inventory management and tracking processes.

Some of our software partners:

  • Cybra – Asset tracking and inventory software for barcode, RTLS, and RFID systems.
  • Senitron – Real-time RFID asset tracking software.


RFID Readers, printers, antennas, and beacons all facilitate the capture, transfer, and storage of critical information on tagged items.

Our premier hardware partner:

  • Zebra – Industry-leading RFID tags, readers, antennas, and printers.


RFID labels and tags are the foundation of every RFID solution. They receive RF signals from antennas and readers and relay specified information about a tagged item to your back-end system.


Every facility and business process has its own unique challenges. That is why RMS Omega takes a hands-on approach to managing RFID and RTLS implementations with our signature services.