Integrated RFID Portals for Automated Asset Tracking & Inventory

Warehouses face the pressing challenge of maintaining inventory accuracy as the volume of goods moving through facilities rapidly increases. Fortunately, Integrated RFID portals can automate inventory counts as items pass through dock doors, conveyors, zones, and more.

RFID portals and checkpoints enable enterprises to automatically update their WMS and inventory management systems through the use of passive RFID technology. With passive RFID, tags will emit a signal when they come in proximity with a fixed RFID reader, transmitting data about the product and its location. As a result, businesses can obtain more accurate and automated processes for tracking inventory, assets, and workflows.

Integrated RFID Portals At Dock Doors

RFID Portal Features

Integrated RFID portals also save time and operating costs for inventory, WIP, and asset tracking workflows. Furthermore, organizations can obtain a greater degree of visibility over inventory moving in, out, and throughout facilities. 

Other features of this easy-to-implement, passive RFID solution include:

  • Complete assembly and easy deployment.
  • Integration with Zebra Technologies RFID products.
  • Full product support.
  • Proven efficiency and visibility.
  • Improving read accuracy for error reduction.
  • Durable design to withstand challenging supply chain and manufacturing environments.

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RFID Portal Form Factors

Integrated RFID Conveyor Portal

Integrated RFID Portals can take on several form factors so they can better adapt to your operations:

Transition Portal– Great for reading inventory as it passes through dock doors during shipping and receiving, eliminating manual scanning.

Wall Mount– Fully enclosed portals that can be affixed to walls to track items through doorways, hallways, and offices.

Fixed Tunnel– Built for reading items as they pass through a conveyor system, improving throughput and accuracy.

Table– Reads any item placed on its surface no matter its orientation.

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