Safely Register, Collect & Track Patient Data at Virus Testing & Vaccination Sites

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Keep Your Staff Safe Without Compromising Care & Provide Analytical Data

It is important to keep healthcare staff safe from viruses, infections, and diseases they may be exposed to while treating patients. Regardless of the situation, they are always expected to provide a high level of care and accuracy. That’s why a mobile patient ID and tracking solution can be extremely beneficial for external medical sites or drive through vaccination and virus testing locations. It’s also important to monitor virus spread and vaccination percentages by geographical location.

The Ideal Mobile Patient Tracking Solution

With the right tools, it’s easy to capture and register a person’s ID to track each patient, vaccine information and medical testing results. Information is stored centrally so local, statewide, and even global heat maps can be generated in real-time based on the data collected.

Benefits of mobile patient registration, identification and tracking solutions:

  • Quick to Deploy – With un-predictable medical needs and concerns of infection, it’s important to react quickly to reduce and prevent virus spread without effecting or contaminating existing hospital resources.
  • Safe – With this solution, technicians can scan an ID directly from the patient’s hand. Allowing the technician to stay a safe distance to prevent infection.
  • Cloud Solution – All of the information collected is centrally stored on the cloud for easy deployment.
  • Fast – The system reads an ID in 4 seconds and automatically creates the account.
  • Real-Time Tracking – Using the heat map function, executives have access to heat maps to better understand problematic locations and issues in real-time. This allows for adjusting treatment and personnel priorities faster.
  • Face Image – The software takes the face image from the ID and crops it for later account visual verification. There is a future option to add Face Recognition that will compare the account image to a live picture of the patient.scanning id for mobile patient tracking solution

How The Solution Works

A simple mobile patient tracking application can improve safety and workflows for healthcare staff throughout the country. But how does it all work? It’s simple…

First, the patient arrives at a mobile testing center with a valid form of ID. A technician scans the patient’s ID with a mobile device. The application accepts many forms of IDs including driver’s licenses, passports, ID cards, and more. Once the technician scans the ID, the software will extract the information and create the account.

Next, the technician verifies all of the information that was scanned is correct and can edit each field if necessary. The system will also check for duplicate accounts.

patient status for mobile patient tracking solutionAfter quickly creating the account, the technician is able to record information such as patient temperature, email, phone number, and other notes about their condition. Additional fields can be added to include necessary questions or symptoms.  Every patient also has a status for pertinent virus tracking information. Statuses include:

  • Pending (new accounts)
  • Negative
  • Positive
  • Inconclusive

If there is a patient history, the technician will also be able to see that information if needed.

labeled vial

Then, the final verification screen is displayed to make sure all information is correct. Once confirmed, the technician prints the information out on a barcode label and tapes it onto a test vial using a mobile printer.

Once the lab finishes the test, they can go into the database and update the status with the results. Then, the technician provides the patient with their results including directions on their next steps.

Once patient information is sent and an account is created, the information is not stored on the mobile device for patient safety and security.

Heat Mapping

The backend database is easily searchable and is centrally administered. Each location, area, state, or country can have its personalized view to track and monitor virus spread or vaccination percentages in certain geographic locations. Only certain access levels are able to reach the database with secure access tiers.

Solution Components

This solution requires a few different hardware and software components including:

  • Mobile Computer – Mobile computers deliver real-time connectivity, advanced data capture, and ruggedized to work in field conditions. It also runs on the Android operating system and can work with many applications.
  • Mobile Printer – Mobile printers are rugged, reliable, and work well in the field.
  • Software Application – CaptureMax Cloud Healthcare Software is a mobile cloud solution that reads data from an ID or passport and also sends the information to your proprietary application in the exact way you need it.

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