HardwareMobile Lab System

Use a Mobile Lab System to Improve Patient Safety

Mobile Lab Tote

Mobile Lab ToteThis unique accessory enables phlebotomists and nurses to operate more efficiently while greatly improving patient safety!  The Mobile Lab Tote conveniently contains and protects both your PDA (handheld computer) and mobile printer, eliminating the need to carry these items separately or on a cumbersome, expensive cart, decreasing the chance of misplacing and damaging this essential and expensive equipment.

The Mobile Lab Tote comes equipped with a vial rack and plenty of storage for tools and supplies.  When ready to recharge devices, simply remove the PDA and printer from the Mobile Lab Tote and reconnect them to your charging units!

Mobile Lab Cart System

The Mobile Lab Cart provides the Phlebotomist with a stable and accessible unit that glides through patient’s rooms effortlessly. The removable Mobile Lab Tote, containing a mobile label printer and mobile computer or PDA, fits securely on top of each cart. Each tote includes a tube rack and plenty of space for tools and supplies.Mobile Lab Cart

  • Keep used items contained, and never again have to place your tray on a patients bed while attempting a draw.
  • The unit allows employees to carry more supplies with them as they work and not have to carry a full tray from room to room-providing total material control.
  • The frame is made of Stainless Steel and comes standard with quality Carpet Master Casters. It is a modular design so all items can be adjusted with the included Allen Wrench.
  • Not only is this customizable but also fully adjustable. It can be positioned from any height from 30” to 48” with a writing surface to provide a portable yet stable work area.

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