White PapersOne Device in the Hospital for All Clinicians’ Needs

Hear how Truman Medical Center, Parkland Health, and North York General transitioned to one device.

Hospitals who started using only one mobile device have seen great results. Download the solution brief below to learn how Truman Medical Center, Parkland Health, and North York General streamlined workflows, improve staff communications, and increased patient safety.

Make Nurses’ & Clinicians’ Jobs Simpler

Nurses and other clinicians face tough jobs caring for patients, and those jobs are often made much harder due to the technology they carry. It’s not uncommon to see nurses juggling phones, cameras, laptops, tablets, pagers, and scanning devices to fulfill all the tasks needed to help patients recover.

Having to manage and support all of these devices is inefficient and challenging for nurses (and IT staff). With each device comes specific requirements to maintain it and transfer data. Workflow times increase because of the need to pick up and put down new devices throughout the shift.

Despite all the technology at their fingertips, multiple devices can make it harder to communicate and keep data synced. Communication delays can occur when two team members cannot connect. Ultimately, this means nurses and other practitioners spend less time with patients.

Download the solution brief!

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