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  • Introducing a “Green,” Battery-Free Scanner

    Lithium-Ion Alternatives Enable Environmentally Friendly Barcode Scanning Innovation in portable power sources has led to the development of the first battery-free yet wireless handheld barcode scanner. Eliminating the battery results in a green, environmentally friendly… Read more »

  • The Art of the Code

    Learn a Little Bit About Barcode History Welcome to Datalogic ADC’s The Art of the Code, a reference tool created for both bar code beginners and IT veterans alike. We will be your guide as we… Read more »

  • The Factory of the Future

    AIDC Solutions & How They Drive Better Processes in the Factory There are, of course, the ongoing challenges in factories’ processes. Product and supply chain complexities in any factory are unavoidable. Rising raw materials and… Read more »

  • A Brief Guide to Barcode Printing

    The Value of Barcode Printing Barcoding is an automatic identification and data collection technology commonly referred to as Auto ID. The most visible and familiar barcodes are the ones found in retail and grocery stores…. Read more »