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SOTI Connect Now Supports Zebra IoT Printers

The Increased Need for Simplified, Effective Management of Networked Printers The number of IoT printers in organizations is increasing, posing a new challenge for IT teams. Most organizations lack visibility into all networked printers in

Unified Healthcare Communications with Smart Talk

A Need For Secure Unified Healthcare Communications When hospitals don’t have a Unified Communications (UC) platform for exchanging patient information, it exposes operations to costly errors and inefficiencies. On the other hand, many healthcare teams

Top 4 Benefits of Using a Hospital RFID System

Location, location, location! The saying is not only important for real estate but for healthcare too. Between patients, medicine, and equipment, there is an overwhelming amount of moving parts and locations to monitor throughout healthcare

Top 10 RFID Myths and Misconceptions

More and more businesses are considering an investment in radio frequency identification (RFID) technology to help automate their inventory, data capture, and tracking processes. However, despite the proven value it adds to organizations, there is

How Barcodes Can Improve Vaccine Administration

Improve Vaccine Administration Workflows As vaccine administration ramps up and doses are administered at high volumes, speed, safety, and accuracy become ever more critical in the healthcare space. Fortunately, healthcare-grade barcode scanners, printers, and media

Location Technology and the Digitized Supply Chain

How COVID–19 Will Shape Future Supply Chains Covid-19’s impact on how business is done will extend far past Zoom calls and virtual conferencing. The global pandemic will forever change how supply networks are structured and operated. Most notably, the pandemic has

Supporting our Healthcare Partners

RMS Omega is an Essential Business Dedicated to Helping Its Healthcare Partners Industries worldwide have been affected by COVID-19. However, we recognize the particular strain and demand placed upon those in healthcare. Organizations currently face